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What is PhatHack Media Manager?

PhatHack Media Manager is a FREE flexible, easy-to-use media management tool for Windows with built-in support for PhatBox/Kenwood DMS and portable media devices that support Windows Generic Volumes.


Installation Instructions: Click Here!
Documentation:  Click Here!
Instructional Videos: Check our YouTube channel!


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Status Information

We’ve released a few small instructional (no voice over) videos showing the basic concepts of the application. We’ll try and fix the resolution of these (or re-record them) so they are more viewable!

Alpha: Development Closed. Last public version: 0.9c, (No longer available)

Beta: Testing complete.   v1.0.13 (RTM Refresh 2) (closed beta)

Stable: v1.0.14 – Now available to registered members

NOTE: Site registration is required in order to download any of the PhatHack Media Manager files.

Licensing Information

PhatHack Media Manager is distributed under the freeware license agreement. The download and usage of this application, and any updates is free of charge, for life, subject to site registration.

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